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Kalikka floortiles

Kalikka floortiles

In April 2009 came to market new Kalikka floor tiles designed by Davide Lamparelli and Ristomatti Ratia and manufactured by Plastec Finland Oy. They suit balconies, terraces, bath rooms and other moist spaces.

Ecolocigal PlastEco
Kalikka floor tiles are made from a new mixture of wood fiber and recycling plastic, which gives the product feel of wood and durablitity of plastic. Plastec Finland Oy has prepared this PlastEco novelty product in partnership with materials manufacturer, Kareline Oy LTD. Products made out of the material are weather-proof, UV-protected and will not absorb dirt. PlastEco does not consume non- renewable recources and does not increase landfill waste because at the end of their lifespan products can be recycled once again or burnt to make energy. Both the products and the materials are made in Finland

Easy to install and keep clean
Kalikka floor tiles are easy to install without renovation skills: tiles are connected to each other with convenient rubber paws without any tools. Water and moisture get out from the gap between the tile and the base structure, so that the base is well aired. Because there are tiles in many colours you can create shapes you like with them. If needed they can be sawn and prepared with common wood preparation tools and cleaning can be done with normal detergents. Tiles can also be processed with colourless wood oils. Also Kalikka floor tile feels comfortable and warm under bare foot

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